We know that outdated knowledge and negative perceptions diminish the expectations of individuals with Down syndrome, from clinical professionals, healthcare workers and communities. Updating this knowledge is best achieved through a thoughtful, personal approach by those that live the realities today.


We discuss the impact language and outdated knowledge has on individuals, their families and communities and offer guidance on how small changes can positively impact the futures of those with the condition and contribute to a more inclusive society. We talk to groups, health organisations, training colleges, school staff, administrators, businesses and local communities – to everyone who has the ability to create a fairer society for children and adults with Down syndrome.


Our educators are the families, carers and advocates of children and adults with Down syndrome. We educate by sharing first-hand experiences and researched information to enlighten and inform. What we deliver is the personal experiences of the speaker, the impact misconceptions have had on their child and family, and how changing our language to more positive terms contributes towards inclusive and progressive communities.


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Our training is tailored for our audiences to ensure relevance and impact is achieved.


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