... more than medical

“… more than medical” is a resource designed as a tool for healthcare staff and a resource for expectant parents beginning discussions about genetic testing options and choices during prenatal care and also for parents with a prenatal identification or postnatal diagnosis of Down's syndrome for their baby. 

The resource complements the medical information available about Down’s syndrome by providing a variety of experiences from families who have a baby, child or adult with Down’s syndrome today.


Each family shares the very personal thoughts and feelings at the time Down’s syndrome was identified or diagnosed, the assumptions they made and the realities of life today.

This information has been made available to help expectant parents make fully informed decisions about their testing choices, and their pregnancy.

Each family, including atleast one in each edition where there is complex medical needs and/or a dual diagnosis, shares the challenges they face, any medical conditions or issues their child has or had, and some of the highlights and family life ensuring information is provided in a balanced manner.  


“… more than medical” is endorsed by the Down’s Syndrome Association


Regional Editions of “… more than medical” are currently available for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire along with a special edition distributed by the DSA as part of their Tell it Right campaign.


An edition for Down Syndrome Ireland is in progress and our National Edition is expected to be available in June 2018.


Impartiality Statement

Lose the Label CIC, its Directors, Managers, Staff, Volunteers and others involved in the provision of its services fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking its activities and in the provision of its resources and training presentations.


Lose the Label CIC does not involve itself in any form of activity nor associate itself with any organisation, charity or community activity which might jeopardise impartiality or result in a conflict of interests.


Our position on prenatal testing for Down’s syndrome

Lose the Label CIC acknowledges that the offer of prenatal testing for Down’s syndrome is part of routine antenatal care and we respect parental choices about antenatal tests and their outcomes.

Our activities include the provision of information to ensure parental choices are fully informed based on complete and balanced information.