Presenter: Michelle Clark, Founder


  • Really good talk and very thought provoking.  Very well presented.

  • Inspiring. Very approachable. Thought provoking. Makes you realise words have an effect. Think before you speak. Speech delivered clearly.

  • Very informative. Enjoyed hearing own and other parents experiences. Really good presentation.

  • Thank you for sharing your journey. Its always helpful as professionals to hear feedback.

  • I really enjoyed the ‘waffle’ – it was very real and thought provoking. I think a youtube campaign would be really good – you’d go viral!

  • I think you spoke really well. The start was very grabbing and I enjoyed hearing your experience, thank you for sharing! The examples were great to hear, very useful and I will take it into my own practice as a student nurse and when I qualify.

  • Very approachable and inspirational. Promoting thought. Feel encouraged to continue using person first language – challenge those that do not. Thankyou for sharing your experience.

  • A very well delivered presentation.  Very approachable and engaging.

  • Very open and honest, didnt shy away from negatives/contraversial aspects. Made me more aware of language and I think I will notice professionals language more now in practice.

  • Enjoyed hearing the personal stories. Very useful to hear a parents view point. Inspirational.

  • Talk was informative providing the views of a parent with a child with Down syndrome as well as other parents views. Great examples given to help explain the views. Spoke clearly and came across as friendly and open.

  • Very approachable and honest.  Made me consider how I will word/phrase statements in the future.

  • Great presentation. Engaging and interesting speaker. Liked the real life examples. Learnt alot about the effect language has. Useful to give advice on what to say and how to value a child.

  • Your presenting skills are very good and the information you provided was very detailed. Showing your emotions was very moving and showed how invested you are in this campaign and how important it is. Thank you.

  • Really informative and thought provoking. Something all students going into healthcare need to hear.

  • Clear concise presentation with relevant examples both negatives and positives.

  • Great to be able to hear what communication and conversation parents want from professionals and community to apply to practice.

  • Very friendly and approachable (your experience made you warm). Good examples used (made me cross). Your point was clear and concise.

  • Really effective presentation. Really made me think about how I will approach families and my use of language. Fab.


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